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editorial boudoir portraits

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This is the magic that makes us different! While everyone else is doing the same tired thing of photos laying in a bed, our Editorial Boudoir Portraits take hings to the next level with a creative, celebrity like experience that leaves you feeling amazing. We want you to have an experience here like no other. 

Editorial boudoir can mean many things and gives us a lot of room to create something unique to you. It could be at our Dallas studio in front of hand painted artist canvas backrops, or it could be at a fancy location or even an outdoor private setting. The ideas are endless and they should be geared towards what you imagine your perfect photograph to be. 

How much or how little you want to wear for your photoshoot is also completely up to you, your comforts and the style that you enjoy. 

What makes our editorial boudoir so different?

It's all about style and customization

the boudoir shoot of your dreams

Whatever you dream for your perfect photoshoot, is what we want to help create for you. This is an experience we know you will love and cherish for a long time.

Editorial boudoir galleries

Below we invite you to enjoy a glimpse into some of our editorial boudoir galleries and see some ideas that you might love for your own photoshoot.

Gallery 1

The editorial boudoir photoshoot is all about being creative and having a high-end magazine style. In this photoshoot you can see some of those creative ideas on full display. Not only using props like chairs in new and creative ways, but also how we can mix fashion outfits into the boudoir that you might have thought of before. A truly unique editorial boudoir photoshoot.

Gallery 2

Our second example gallery really has it all. Using the power and flexibility of a simple white background, you can see the versatility that it can bring. Here we see a mix of lingerie, partial and implied nudity as well as a creative use of fishnet stockings. In the last photo we even got creative with a plastic flower arrangement from the local craft store. You may find that black and white is the perfect compliment to this style of portraits. 

Gallery 3

Another photoshoot on white, this is a great example of a model for the day experience. This group of lady friends came into the studio to have a girls day out. We photographed them individually showing off their own styles, and then captured some fun photos as a group. Throw in some of your favorite drinks and snacks and it makes the perfect day for long time friends or bridesmaids. 

Gallery 4

A hint of sexy works throughout our next set of example portraits. We start with a black mesh dress with nothing under that gives a hint of the female body without revealing all. We then move on to a fun creative use for a overalls style denim top with only a thong and a creative bra matched with a low rise pair of jeans. 

Then we have even more fun with adding a white sheets theme. I think you can say that even though our boudoir typically doesn’t happen in a bed, when they do they are still so dramatically different in our approach to photographing them. 

Our model this day wanted to embrace everything from sexy outfits to fully nude. What you decide to include is completely up to you. 

additional gallery

Enjoy looking at some additional inspiration in our final gallery. We will continue to add more to this portfolio of images, so please keep checking back or ask us to see more examples during your consultation and planning session.

the next step

artwork for your home

The culmination of your amazing editorial boudoir portraits together is to have amazing artwork created. Whether it’s a stunning large framed print for your walls, or a more intimate framed print. You may also love our handcrafted leather albums or print boxes. 

We have a piece of artwork that will be perfect for everyone.

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