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tattoo fine art boudoir

dallas texas

Tattoo Fine Art Boudoir mixes the world of art on your body with the art that we can capture with photography. Whether you have a few tattoos or completely covered, we know you take great pride in the tattoos you decided to ink to your skin for the rest of your life. 

Let us help you showcase that beautiful work on your body with your Tattoo Art Boudoir Portraits. 

tattoo fine art boudoir

dallas texas

The reasons for you to come have this life changing experience are endless. But here are just a few.

tattoo fine art boudoir galleries

Take a glimpse into our idea gallery for Tattoo Fine Art Boudoir. Let us know what you loved the most and would like to have for your own photoshoot.


This photoshoot represents a wide variety that you can do during the course of one boudoir session with us. Multiple outfits, props, lingerie, and nudity. It will give you more options to look through when it comes time to finish your order. 

the next step

artwork for your home

The culmination of your amazing tattoo art boudoir portraits is to have amazing artwork created. Whether it’s a stunning large framed print for your walls, or a more intimate framed print. You may also love our handcrafted leather albums or print boxes. 

We have a piece of artwork that will be perfect for everyone.

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