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fine art boudoir portraits

dallas texas

Fine art boudoir is about you becoming the star of your own work of art. How amazing would it feel to have a gallery worthy piece of artwork hanging in your home that is of you! 

There are several ways that we can achieve this for you from creative design, specialty hair and makeup, bodyscapes, or even just featuring certain parts of your body. 

Some times it’s about the simplicity of a beautiful pose, contrasting and stunning lighting, and an expression of true emotion that makes the best pieces of art. Each photo that you see on those page tells a unique story with the person that is being photographed. It tells a story to the person that was photographed and what it means to them, as well as the person who views it who might have their own interpretation. 

Are you ready to be a work of art?

Fine art artistic nude boudoir

dallas texas

At JPAUL Photography, you don’t have to be shy about wanting fine art nude portraits as part of your boudoir photoshoot with us. 

Although you see our example photos throughout this site, your photos remind private to you unless you choose to allow us to use some of them on the website. You can be assured that your comfort comes first. 

That allows you to truly embrace your experience and do everything that you desire to do during your photoshoot. 

Black and white is a beautiful way to showcase this style photography and a style that we love. A majority of our clients do prefer black and white for it’s timeless and artistic mood. It helps highlight all of your beautiful curves and features with how the highlights and shadows move across your body.

Fine Art couples

Fine Art portraits are also perfect for couples. The ideas are plentiful of how we can make some truly amazing art with couples of any kind. Think of all the inspiration from the Italian master sculptors, classic painters, and modern influences. 

Perfect for the fitness fanatics, cross fitters, yoga enthusiasts, sensual couples, and those looking to have an incredible way to have a meaningful connection and experience that will help you grow closer as a couple. 

fine art boudoir galleries

Find inspiration for your own couples boudoir portraits in the galleries below. You can see how the session can range from fashionable outfits, to lingerie and also artistic nudity.

What you include in your portraits are completely you to your style and taste. Your finished artwork is private and kept for your eyes only unless you decide to let us use a few images for the website to share your story with others. 

the next step

artwork for your home

The culmination of your amazing fine art boudoir portraits together is to have amazing artwork created. Whether it’s a stunning large framed print for your walls, or a more intimate framed print. You may also love our handcrafted leather albums or print boxes. 

We have a piece of artwork that will be perfect for everyone.

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