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our most frequently asked questions

These are some of the most often asked questions that we see. However, we could never come up with an exhaustive list. So please reach out to us with the additional questions that you might have. 

The total cost of your photoshoot has a lot of variables, mostly in how many photos you would like and the artwork that you select. We can give you more info at your consultation and also see our pricing page for session fee prices. 

We will help you plan out all of your outfits and what you want to bring and include in your photos during your planning appointment. We do have some limited outfits you may use if you like, but you will likely want to go shopping for some outfits that fit your style, body and comfort.

We are on a little bit of a waiting list at the time of this writing. However, we can normally find a spot for you. We recommend 2-6 weeks out so that you have time to go shopping and we can meet to plan your photoshoot. The best time to book is as soon as you are ready so that you can reserve the date of your choice.

I would not call them models in the purpose of when they did photos with me, however some of them are now models after having done photos with us. Almost 100% of the people you see on my page, they were doing their very first boudoir or nude photoshoot with us. And you can see how comfortable they look and how they rocked it! Most did not have any experience with posing or anything. 

We have a priority to keep our client’s images as private as they would like them to be. So we will at times feature some photoshoots that we set up for the purposes of showing work on our site. 

But all of them are what we would consider beautiful, every day women.

Absolutely. You are paying us to create amazing photos for you and to have a great time doing so. We would be honored if you allowed us to show a few photos from your portraits on our website. But that will be completely up to you. 

We also do not use any online galleries in our selection process. You will view your images in person to make your purchasing decisions

Up to 2 hours is the typical photoshoot length. Photoshoots with multiple people can sometimes be longer but we can discuss that during your planning meeting

Professional hair and makeup is available as an add on with our hand-selected experts. 

100%! Like we said earlier, almost all the images you see on my page are of people that are having their very first photoshoot like this. 

I have been a full time photographer for the past 18 years! Wow, the time goes fast doesn’t it.

If that would make you more comfortable than that is up to you. We can talk about the pluses and minuses of bringing someone or not. However, the key is that if you do, it is someone that will be your cheerleader and supporter and is there to also make you feel amazing. Your friend might even want to do photos with you!

YES! We will do all the hand retouching and editing to finish your photos for the artwork that you purchase.

The studio is in downtown Dallas, TX

Right in the comfort of your own home! Sit back and relax. We will connect our laptop to your TV and show your photographs for the first time. We will go photo by photo and help you select your favorites that you would like to purchase. 

We actually don’t do packages it is all a la carte. Why? Well to be honest, every time we created packages everyone wanted to change them anyway. That is because everyone is unique in what they like. Why try to stress yourself out of picking a package? Instead, you just select the photos that you would like and then we decide in what type of artwork you would like them! Super easy.

Although we don’t have packages, the more images you purchase the less you pay per image. 

We can offer payments which we do through a 3rd party provider. However, we do so only when absolutely necessary. We want to be your photographer and designer and not your bill collector. 96% of clients pay their order in full at the time of their order. The session fee is also required in full at the time of booking. 

There is no reason to be shy. Trust me, we have seen and photographed everything that you can think of. Do not be afraid to ask about what would make the photos extra special for you or who you are making them for. 

We do not judge. It’s all fun!

Of course not! Nothing is required. These are all things that we will address during your planning appointment so that we know what things you would like to try at your photoshoot. 

Lingerie, bodysuits, fabrics, implied nudity, partial nudity, or full on nudity… you do what makes you feel sexy! We have photographed it all so we have plenty of samples to show you to see what you would like for your photos.

Our restrictions are the obvious. Anyone we photograph or that is at the photoshoot must be 18 years of age or older. Absolutely no exceptions. 

We do! Just note that we believe in following the rules and laws. So that might require a permit fee or booking fee for the location to add to your photos. But yes, we can come to your home, a hotel (with permission of the hotel), airbnb, outdoor locations and so much more. 

A higher session fee may apply depending on the location and needs.

All of this can be discussed at your planning meeting. 

Your photos are ready to see as early as just a few days after the photoshoot!

Yes! So right now this is just something we would do as a little fun add on at no extra cost. But it will only be little fun teaser type clips and behind the scenes style. It’s never guaranteed and just fun little extras we do if we have the opportunity. 

Again, it’s also all about your comforts. We would love to be able to film some of your shoot at times for marketing purposes, but you will get to decide if you are game for that or not. 

In the future, we hope to add a more complete video offering that will come at an additional add-on charge. 

Absolutely! Group photos are so much fun! Do you want to plan a ladies day out? We can do group photos all together  as well as individual photos of each person. It makes for an amazingly fun day!

Note: this will require a different type of session fee. 

Yes! We do couple shoots and they are tons of fun!  Check out the Couples Boudoir Gallery

It really makes everything so simple! First of all, it’s super comfortable to just sit on your own couch and enjoy seeing and selecting your photos. But it’s also great for when we select the type of artwork you would like. Maybe you aren’t sure what size wall art print to get? Well we can just walk over to the wall and measure it for you and know the exact size to make it look perfect!

Heck yea! We are so excited you are ready! All you have to do is head on over to our contact page and reach out to us. Someone will get back to you normally within about 24 hours to get you started. 

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