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heather outdoor boudoir

heather outdoor boudoir portraits

dallas texas

On this post we join the absolutely stunning Heather. You probably saw some of her other photos that were featured in the editorial gallery during her in-studio photoshoot. Now we join her outside in a field in Fort Worth Texas.

heather outdoor boudoir

fort worth texas

Find a secluded location where you can feel comfortable in skimpy outfits and even going nude if you would like. 

This might even be perfect for your own back yard. We are constantly finding new locations and we can help you find your next location in DFW for your boudoir photos. 

There are also several rental possibilities that we can look into for a luxury scene. Want the ultimate in luxury? What if we flew to Italy, Scotland or Paris for your photos? Would that be awesome?

heather outdoor boudoir galleries

Take a glimpse into our galleries for Heather’s Outdoor Boudoir. Let us know what you loved the most and would like to have for your own photoshoot.

Gallery 1

Heather’s outdoor boudoir session starts with this stunning flowery full length wrap dress. It was perfect because it unties in the front, allowing us  to play with much sexier ideas as she was in various stages of dressed. It allowed us to have the perfect level of open while still being able to cover her chest when we wanted to so that we could choose how much we wanted to show. 

For this shoot we also let the natural light just bath on her with the golden morning sun. We embraced it’s imperfections and the light it cast through some of the brush at it created a really interesting effect. 

Gallery 2

In part 2 of the photo shoot, we kick things up a notch and embrace the nudity. A cute pair of panties is sometimes all you need. You can see here again how we are playing with the son and using the beautiful shadows to our advantage. We had an amazing cloud day which really sealed the deal in adding another element to the photos.

Gallery 3

Finally, in our last set of photos for Heather, we have some fun with a few body suits. A little bit of sheer can be very sexy without showing everything. Here we use that as well as have some flirty fun with pulling the outfit to expose more of the chest to make them even sexier. The harsher light of the mid day rolls in to give us a lot of fun contrasting shadows that can chissel out different body parts and chin. 

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